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SEEDED BUZZ: The Beginning

February 12, 2010

Recently, I joined a new website with a great concept.  Seeded Buzz.

Basically, there are two ways to participate.  In the one instance, you ‘plant a seed’ – submit a post that you have written that you think could inspire and connect with other bloggers.  In the second instance, you pick up on somebody else’s seed and ‘buzz’ it.  This consists of writing a post which has been inspired by the original seed, and linking back to that seed in your post.  Then, you let the author of the seed know that you have buzzed it, and so it goes on.

While some people join for the purpose of generating more revenue by increasing traffic to their site, I and some of my friends have joined for the community aspect of the site.  I have been a member for less that two weeks, and already I am connecting with some great, like-minded people.  I am also working on a couple of posts inspired by some of the seeds I found planted there.  I can’t wait to see how the community builds!

To join, you have to apply and be approved, but really it hardly takes any time at all, and the development of this site should be something to watch.  This time next year, it could be one of the most-used community blogging sites on the web.  I look forward to all the interesting discussions to come!

So, if you see a ‘Seeded Buzz’ headed post on my blog, now you know what it’s all about!  Read it, you might just find it as interesting as I do!

Image courtesy aussiegall
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