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MY TAKE ON…The John Terry Affair

February 4, 2010

Another week, another sporting sex scandal.


This time, it’s the UK’s turn, with the news that John Terry – captain of the England football team – has cheated on his wife, Toni.  Again.  The difference this time?  The reason it’s such big news?  Because the woman he was cheating with this time – Vanessa Perroncel – was the ex-fiancée of his best friend.  Toni has fled with her twins and her parents to Dubai, John Terry is keeping a low profile, and the mistress is currently negotiating deals with the tabloids to sell her story.  Nice.

Public sympathy seems to be geared towards Wayne Bridge – the cuckolded fiancé who discovered his England team-mate was sleeping with the mother of his son – and, of course, Toni Terry.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Maybe it’s just me, but I am actually finding it very difficult to have much sympathy for any of the players in this whole tawdry affair – Wayne Bridge and Toni Terry included.  Does that seem harsh?  Maybe I should elaborate.

Let’s start with Bridge.  This is the man who was happy to allow John Terry to use his house for sex sessions with at least one of his ‘mistresses’, so that Toni wouldn’t find out what was happening.  He only cops a strop when the woman Terry decides to sleep with next time is his own girlfriend – up until that point, he apparently saw nothing wrong with Terry’s behaviour at all.  Three words, Wayne:  Pot.  Kettle.  Black.  Given this information, even the most charitable of souls would find it hard not to find Bridge’s behaviour hypocritical in the extreme.  A tip for next time:  If you are going to move hundreds of miles to another city, and you know your best mate can’t keep it in his trousers, you might want to take your lingerie model girlfriend with you, rather than leaving her living alone a few doors away from the aforementioned friend.  Talk about tempting fate.

Now for Toni Terry.  This is a woman whose 11-year relationship with the Chelsea and England captain has been defined by his many, many affairs (and one-night stands, and orgies…you get the picture).  Yes, they were childhood sweethearts, and I am sure that there is a big part of her that truly loves him, but come on.  How low does your self-esteem need to be – or how much do you need to love the money and the lifestyle that comes with being a Premier-league WAG – to put up with this kind of ritual humiliation?  There’s a vast difference between knowing that your husband has a penchant for sleeping with scantily-clad slappers, and thinking that he is a faithful, honest, reliable husband and father – and then discovering that he is, in fact…well…John Terry.  She is a very different kettle of fish from Elin Woods, for example, who I think truly was stunned to discover what her husband was capable of.  Toni, on the other hand, very definitely always knew what her husband was like.  She was cheated on regularly by him for eight years before they married.  Did she really, honestly think he was going to change just because he had a nice new bit of bling on his finger?

No, Toni Terry has been devastated because of the identity of the slapper.  Sorry, mistress.  Actually, no, I think I was right the first time.  It is Vanessa that Toni feels cheated by, because she saw her as a friend.  I doubt her husband’s infidelity was much of a surprise, but the fact that it was with a woman she trusted must have smarted.

So, just what is it that keeps these women – the Toni’s, Cheryl’s and Coleen’s – with their unfailingly unfaithful, multi-millionaire husbands?  Hmm.  I think we can all answer that fairly easily.  But I fail to see how being able to afford the latest Hermes bag can make up for the pain and humiliation that goes with being married to a man like John Terry.  And actually, turning a blind eye to these affairs in exchange for the status as a WAG makes these women no better than the common slappers throwing themselves at these footballers in the pubs and clubs they all seem to frequent.  The word prostitution may be harsh, but that doesn’t mean it is not accurate.

That many of these women are happy to bring children into this situation is even worse.  I wonder how many years’ of bullying and teasing John and Toni’s twins will have to endure once they are at school.  How will they feel, growing up to realise that Daddy doesn’t care enough about Mummy – or them – to give up his endless parade of cheap tarts?

Maybe it is just me.  Maybe my inability to feel sympathy for Toni Terry makes me a hard-nosed cow.  But I believe that sometimes, you need to look at what is really important in life.  Sometimes, you need to take a deep breath and walk away.  Sometimes, love isn’t enough.

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  1. February 4, 2010 19:37

    Well informed and spot on opinion of the whole sordid story!

  2. February 4, 2010 19:41

    It takes all kinds – truly. I’m just sick of hearing from hookers and slappers about their affairs. When did the word of a hooker become a trust worthy news source?


  3. NorthernLight permalink
    February 4, 2010 23:28

    * But I believe that sometimes, you need to look at what is really important in life. Sometimes, you need to take a deep breath and walk away. Sometimes, love isn’t enough.*
    Best sentence in this article IMHO….
    I love your blog so much…I might not always comment but I always read it!!!

  4. February 11, 2010 21:48

    Greed would seem to be the most obvious reason for a woman tolerating such treatment but, in some cases, low self-esteem might play a part, too. They feel bad about themselves, and need some high-profile guy to elevate their own self-worth. It’s when the guy is exposed to be a louse, that it all goes downhill from there. Not saying that’s the case here, but it does happen that way sometimes.

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