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She’s Batty, But I Love Her!

January 24, 2010

Today, I want to tell you about a friend of mine.  Some of you already know her, more of you probably do not.  Her name is Jamie, she lives in Canada, and she is one of the most talented, creative and wonderful people I have ever come across.  Seriously.

I first met Jamie on Plurk – there’s a surprise!  She’s @shesbatty – because we had a few friends in common.  I realised that she is into handmade crafts, designing and making her own products and selling them online.  I was intrigued – I used to make some handmade jewellery myself, many years ago, so I decided to check out her stuff.  I was astounded by what I found.

Jamie currently runs a store on Etsy (among other places) showcasing her handmade paper crafts, primarily.

The sheer variety of designs is amazing.  But Jamie does not sacrifice quality for quantity – somehow, she manages to keep the ideas flowing and the quality of her work high.  This year, she has branched out into some other lines as well.  I fell completely in love with her ring designs, and recently purchased this one:

I was struck by the exquisite detail and the care that has obviously gone in to creating this – and all of her work.  I received the ring this week, and I was not disappointed.  Jamie also takes great pains to present her work nicely – the ring was wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a ribbon. Just another example of the pride which Jamie so clearly takes in all that she does.

This year, Jamie is setting up a new shop, focusing on bath products.  She is very much a night owl, and lately has been spending most of her time (including that time when she should be sleeping!) making various soaps.

How she manages to cope with this, sleeping, studying and life in general is beyond me!  Jamie is truly an inspiration!

In her own words: “My name is Jamie and I’m a star-gazing, animal-loving, halloween obsessed, creative kind of gal. I am also a small business owner, avid crafter, and university student”.

I only wish I had the funds to purchase all of the designs of Jamie’s that I have fallen in love with!  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next – and I most certainly will find myself trying out some of her Batty’s Bath products just as soon as I can!

If you are looking for unique, individual and beautiful cards for that special someone or occasion, you could do a lot worse than buying from Jamie.  She seems to have an instinct for unusual and creative designs that you just cannot help but adore.  You will not be disappointed – although you may find that you spend the rest of your afternoon simply browsing her delightful store!

If you want to contact Jamie, or simply find out more about her, you can click the pictures above for her Etsy stores.  I strongly recommend that you also take a look at her blogs – I love keeping up with all her new adventures!

She’s Batty Designs

Batty’s Bath

Finally, let me leave you with a little selection of Jamie’s incredible handiwork:

NB:  This is not a paid post.  I am recommending Jamie both as a friend, and because I love her work – and for no other reason.

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  1. January 25, 2010 01:28

    Thank you so much for your kind words!! I love being your plurky friend and I’m so glad we’ve met *hugs*

  2. January 25, 2010 01:37

    Fantastic post for a wonderful crafter/artist, I’m familar with her work from Etsy
    now i know a little bit more about her.


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