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A Challenging Day

January 18, 2010

As the title of this post may suggest, today has not been the easiest of days!  Chipmunk is sick, and off school again.  I also do not feel great.  I have been dizzy all day, shaky for some of it, and had to forgo the gym this morning.  Today, for the first time in a long time, Chipmunk has wet himself during the day.  Twice.

The first time, it went all over the carpet.  He was awake, standing up, knew he needed to go.  I cleaned, disinfected and gave him a bath.  On the plus side, I was so dizzy that I couldn’t lift him into and out of the bath.  This necessitated him succeeding – for the first time – in climbing in and out of the tub himself.  Yes, it was ungainly, inelegant and awkward.  He almost had himself tied in knots at one point trying to figure out what to do with his feet!  But he did it, and that’s great.

The second time, Chipmunk went upstairs to read a book.  I think he must have fallen asleep or something, because he appeared in front of me an hour later, soaked from the chest down and with a dopey expression on his face.  He wasn’t really with it, and I don’t know that he even realised what had happened at first.  I duly changed the bed clothes and stuck the duvet in the wash (he was laying on top of it, apparently).  His favourite blanket also got caught in the crossfire, and is now in the wash, which is a shame.  The plus side of this one?  He was sitting on his bed – he usually sits on mine to read.

In search of a quote to life my mood, I came across this:

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

〜 Jewish Proverb

Still, here’s hoping he gets better…really fast.

P.S. I almost forgot.  Yesterday, I just about managed to get last week’s Writing Well Challenge posted on time.  Please, go check it out.  Today, I’m thinking about how to start this week’s!

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  1. bubbleboo permalink*
    June 20, 2010 14:17

    Wait, don’t tell me, you’re a fucking idiot, right?

    Or a spammer.

    But spammers are fucking idiots, so I was right the first time.

    A tip for you love: If you want to spam someone, it’s wise to actually leave a link to whatever it is you’re trying to sell – or are you just even dumber than most?

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