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A Bit of a Nothing Day

January 9, 2010

Once again, I have managed to successfully avoid coming up with any ideas for a half-decent post by instead fiddling with the look and feel of the blog itself.  I did actually completely surprise myself, by mastering HTML to the extent that I was able to insert links into my Occasional Series’ page that jump down to anchors on the same page.  A simple thing for some, but for me (a complete HTML idiot) it is quite an accomplishment!

Still, it did not really assist me in my mission to find something to write about today!  I do actually have plenty of ideas.  My dashboard seems to have more draft posts than published posts – never a good thing!  I tend to come up with an idea, start a draft by inputting the title of my idea, closing it to work on later, and then forgetting the idea when I come to open the draft and write.  Curse this horribly poor short-term memory of mine.

I have decided that if I am going to get anywhere with this writing lark, I need to have a notebook and pen permanently glued to my side, for just such critical idea emergencies as this.  That way, at least I might jot down a few of the things I am thinking about, rather than simply typing and saving a title, then getting distracted by FaceBook, Plurk, Twitter and the like!

I have determined that tomorrow I will clear out my drafts – those that I can build on, I shall write up properly.  Those that I really cannot remember what they were about at all, will be finding a new home in the trash!

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  1. January 9, 2010 20:50

    I keep a notebook in my purse. At school (work), I’ll email myself ideas when they come up. Sounds silly, to email myself, but it lets me commit to writing instead of depending on my over-full brain.

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