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The Case of the Stolen Snowman

January 7, 2010

Yesterday, I blogged about how we got snow for once, and about how the Chipmunk made the most of it by going into the garden and making a pint-sized snowman named Stuart.  He was excited, happy, full of joy at his achievement.  It was a truly wonderful day.

Today, on rising at 7am, we looked out of the window to see Stuart.  He should have been right underneath the bedroom window.  I didn’t understand at first why we couldn’t see him.  Thought we were looking in the wrong place.  We must be.  And then I saw it.  The round patch of green grass, showing through the blanket of snow that still covered the rest of the lawn.  The spot where Stuart had stood.  Quickly ruling out a freak melting incident (assisted by the evidence of footprints all across our property, going up to the empty space and then leaving across out neighbours’ garden) I deduced that the snowman had been stolen.  Cue sobbing, devastation and complete bewilderment from the heartbroken six-year-old who spent so long making him perfect.

This may seem like a farcical or trivial matter to most, however it is not to Chipmunk.  He was so proud of his achievement.  So excited to look out of the window to see him this morning.  Yes, he knew that Stuart would melt eventually.  But having him melt and having him taken from you are two completely different things.  Also, he was inconsolable at having lost the scarf that Stuart wore – knitted by my Mum for the Chipmunk when he was small.

I am not suggesting that whoever took the snowman did so maliciously.  They probably did not even think about the child that built it.  It was probably just ‘a laugh’ to them.  But it is not ‘a laugh’ to Chipmunk.  There is not enough snow to build another one, and what is left is frozen down into ice anyway.  I am left with a little boy whose moment of triumph and achievement has been ruined by thoughtless individuals.

So incensed was I at this thoughtless act of stupidity, that I e-mailed my local newspaper.  An hour later, the head reporter was on the phone, taking details and asking for some photos to be sent over by e-mail.  She said the story should be running next week.  I would hope that whoever was responsible might see it.  Even if they do not have the guts to come forward, at least it might make them think about what they did.

Then, just before I wrote this, something even more magical happened.  My wonderful Plurk friend, @Lizziefrog, and her daughter, did something absolutely beautiful for Chipmunk.  She built a snowman and took some pictures – and wrote some truly wonderful words to go along with it.  A Snowman for Chipmunk is honestly one of the most genuine and heartfelt things anyone has ever done for me and Chipmunk.  I am moved almost beyond words and Chipmunks’ face when he saw it made the heartache of this morning fade into the background.

I am blessed to have found such special and kind friends as @Lizziefrog.  She has restored my faith that good people are still out there, doing good things.  She has restored Chipmunks’ faith that not everyone in the world is out to cause people pain.  Thank you, Lizzie and Hannah.

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  1. January 7, 2010 20:39

    Hurrah to @Lizziefrog and the local paper! I hope whoever stole Stuart is duly shamed and at least returns the scarf!

  2. Gina Watson permalink
    January 7, 2010 20:45

    must be something in the nature of frogs …?!

  3. Lizzie permalink
    January 7, 2010 22:25

    You guys are more than welcome. It truly is a shame we can’t send him to you. I even got told off by Hannah for using some of the pristine snow around his base and was sent off to get more snow on a tray to replace it!

    Hannah says Chipmunk has to name him – there are a few more photos now – he’s gained a carrot from someone (we don’t know who) to show he’s definately a boy (cheeky whoever that was!) and someone else has given him a hat. Sam made him a little friend that he’s called Chipmunk.

  4. January 8, 2010 00:21

    Cheers for Lizzie and for the newspaper! What a pitiful thing to do: steal a snowman.

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