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Busy, Busy, Busy!

January 4, 2010

Well, that was a reasonably busy morning!  Probably a good thing – it should get me back into the routine for the school run tomorrow, but it was still a bit of a shock to be up at 7am again!  I had a GP appointment, you see.  I decided he probably wouldn’t appreciate me going unwashed, so I made the effort, even though I was half asleep while doing it!  Apparently my bloods all came back normal, so that’s good.  Unfortunately, there is not much else they can do for ‘unexplained fatigue’, so basically I just have to learn to live with it.  Or lump it, in other words.  So that’s that, then.

It was then Chipmunk’s turn to visit the GP (a different one, of course, in a different location!).  He has eczema all over his hands that is now cracked and bleeding, so it’s back on the steroid cream and moisturisers.  Poor kid.  I seem to have passed on all my bad points to him.

After that, we went shopping for Chipmunk’s lunch-box food.  He enjoyed picking and choosing what he was going to have each day.  He has been dreading going back to school, getting himself really worked up about it.  At 3am today he was sleepily clambering into bed with me because he needed a cuddle.  I hoped that preparing some tasty meals might go at least some of the way towards encouraging a more positive back-to-school outlook!

Then, we went to the leisure centre, to renew memberships and arrange a gym induction for me.  I had one last year, but with everything that was going on, I’m afraid I lapsed rather!  Still, new year, new start – right?

In other news, we received Chipmunk’s physiotherapy assessment report last week.  In it, as well as identifying him as being incredibly hypermobile, the therapist wonders whether he has problems with his binocular vision.  That is, his assessment of height/depth, spacial awareness, etc.  She found that he was extremely tentative on things like steps and benches – even more so than most hypermobile children that she has assessed.  Therefore, she recommends that I contact a Behavioural Optometrist (whatever that is!).  She does include the warning that ‘a fee may be charged’.  Ha!  Just wait for it!

So, I duly called the first (and closest) contact in the report.  I spoke to the receptionist, who informed me that for the initial assessment (lasting one hour) and a 6-month follow-up (should one be required) there was a flat fee of… £140.  Excuse me?  I’m not quite sure I heard that correctly.  HOW MUCH???  To put that in context for you, that is almost my entire income for one week.  I wondered aloud whether the doctor takes NHS referrals.  Oh.  Apparently not.  Well then, is there any other option?  A monthly payment plan perhaps?  Some kind of pay-as-you-go scheme?  Discounts for those of us with a disposable income in the few pennies, rather than the thousands of pounds?  Oh.  No, on all counts.  However, the doctor is, apparently “very good.  She really gets results.”  At that price, love, she’d flaming well need to!  Oh dear, I fear I’m making the poor lady sound like some kind of ogre, and she really wasn’t.  She was actually very nice.  She asked when Chipmunk’s last eye-test was and tried to wangle it for us that way.  Unfortunately his eyes were tested last month, so she couldn’t even do that!  Eventually, we agreed that she would send me out a questionnaire and a website containing useful information so that I could make up my mind in my own time whether it was worth the money in Chipmunk’s case.

Time will tell, I guess.  Or maybe I’ll just end up raiding my pitiful savings to do it – at least then we’ll know.  Anyway, nothing I can do until the information arrives, so I shall try not to think about it – for a couple of days, anyway!

Onwards and upwards…

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  1. Gina Watson permalink
    January 4, 2010 18:37

    Another frustration for you and you are still standing up. I lost it today all just tooo much so you are doing well.

  2. January 4, 2010 19:26

    Ugh—I’m sorry to hear about the roadblock, Hannah! I hope you can find a more reasonable solution without having to raid the savings!

  3. Paul permalink
    January 4, 2010 22:20

    you only have to ask, and Ill gladly pay for this


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