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It is Done

January 1, 2010

Yes, I went and did it.  I bit the bullet and signed onto the NaBloPoMo blogroll for January!  I guess in the absence of any significant New Year’s Resolutions, this one will do!  I was going to sign up for Blog365 as well, but the site is still down.  I am starting to think that yesterday’s theory may have been correct after all…

Anyway, I have done it and I am here, and I am talking nonsense already.  Friends, I think this may not bode well for the rest of the month.  You have my permission to bail out now!  I have been playing with the look of the blog more than thinking about a post today.  I changed the header because I felt the Christmas one should really come down.  I am not 100% happy with it yet, so if it changes a little over the next few days, please don’t be alarmed (those of you that are still with me, anyway!).

I have also got a little something planned for later this month.  It is still an idea in its formative stages, so it may take a while for me to get it from my head to the blog!  I hope it will be worth the wait, though.  It’s certainly something that means a lot to me, and is different from anything I’ve done on here before, so we shall just have to wait and see how that works out.  Intrigued?  You should be!

More than anything else, I hope that this year brings you love, joy and peace, and that you are truly blessed in everything that you do.  If you have made any resolutions, I applaud you!  Whatever it is that you choose to do with your lives this year, make every moment count and don’t forget to share it with those you love.  I will be sharing mine with you.

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  1. January 1, 2010 20:04

    I like the heading, though I think the text gets a little lost against it 🙂 If you gave it a subtle white glow, that might set it off from the darkish background 🙂

    • bubbleboo permalink
      January 1, 2010 20:15

      Unfortunately, I can’t do anything with the text except change the colour (ah, the constraints of!) which doesn’t help much, but I completely agree – that is my issue, too! I may lighten the header picture and see if that helps…

  2. January 1, 2010 21:04

    I’m on the NaBloPoMo blogroll for January, too! Enjoy the challenge – and the fun.

    • bubbleboo permalink
      January 2, 2010 10:21

      Excellent! It’s great to have a friend along for the ride! I shall be keeping an eye on your blog through my GReader, then 😀

  3. January 1, 2010 21:23

    I signed up too, but mine is at a Live Journal address. ( Maybe I’ll do it from ny regular blog as well? Now THAT would be a challenge for me!

    • bubbleboo permalink
      January 2, 2010 10:23

      That’s great news! I’ll subscribe to your Live Journal, can’t wait to see what the month ahead shall bring!

  4. mum permalink
    January 1, 2010 23:48

    What about making the text white?

    • tndaisy1960 permalink
      January 2, 2010 00:23

      I agree that white text would be an excellent choice! I’m so glad you’ve decided to do this! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your posts, even if you don’t think they’re very newsworthy part of the time. They’re from *you* and, to your friends, that’s what matters. Your worst post is better than one of my good ones! lol

      • bubbleboo permalink
        January 2, 2010 10:24

        You’re so sweet – and I am so lucky to have friends like you who put up with my inane wittering! (Big Hugs)


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