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The Carol Service

December 20, 2009

I have just arrived home from the annual carol service held at our church.  This year’s was a very traditional affair, all about celebrating the birth of Christ through those wonderful carols we all know and love.

My Dad was in charge of organising the service this year, as well as being the sound engineer, and I have to say he did a fantastic job.  The service was conducted by candlelight, which provided a lovely atmosphere.  The carols were interspersed with sketches and readings, and there were also a couple of solos.  One, especially, was outstanding.  Our resident recording artist sang a song written by one of the church officers.  A beautiful piece, sung by a lady with an exceptional voice – the kind of moment where you just feel privileged to be there listening to it.

The whole service came together wonderfully and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Despite the pavements bearing more than a passing resemblance to ice rinks, the church was full.  The mulled wine and mince pies served by the children afterwards were a big hit, too!

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  1. Gina Watson permalink
    December 20, 2009 21:48

    I am really pleased it was so good and special. Would love to have been there but the pavements just meant no way. Hope the feelings and reality of it lasts the whole of the season.

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