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A Bizarre, Surreal and Utterly Magical Day

December 17, 2009

Today started off like any other, getting the Chipmunk ready for school, making sure he had his outfit for the Christmas party and generally running late (as usual!).  It was as we were driving through town that I first noticed something a little…well…odd.  Walking along the pavement were two girls, dressed in skimpy little Santa dresses, thigh-high boots and Santa hats.  Hmmm.  They must be freezing, I thought to myself, suddenly realising that I somehow must have crossed the threshold and become a ‘grown-up’ without even noticing!

We drove onwards and I thought no more about it.  That is, until we drove over the bridge to the dual carriageway.  Walking along the side of the road, not a care in the world, was a young man wearing a pair of Santa trousers, boots and a Santa hat.  And nothing else.  Yes, while I was bundled up in a Winter coat with the heater on full blast, this lad was strolling around completely bare-chested.  (Not that I’m complaining, mind.  It was a most welcome sight on an otherwise dull and rainy morning!).  At this point, I began to realise that the Sixth-Formers from the local High School must be up to something!

Sitting in the perpetual traffic-jam on the main only road into the village, I happened to glance out of the window, to be confronted with the sight of an elf riding a bike.  Chipmunk had the giggles by this point, and they quickly became contagious!  Things only got worse when we passed three more girls in skimpy Santa dresses.  Standing in the playground, I asked one of the other mums if she had seen the same thing (knowing that she comes into the village from the same area as us.  She stared at me blankly, shaking her head no.  I think she thought I might have been drinking, until she saw two reindeer (kids wearing reindeer hats, people!) walking past the school gates!

Travelling out of the village, having settled the Chipmunk happily into the classroom, I saw yet another bare-chested Santa wandering towards the High School.  Do these youngsters not feel the cold?!  It’s a good thing these kids are Sixth-Formers, at least that makes me feel a little better about looking for just that bit longer than I should have!  Anyway, just as I was about to get back onto the main road into town, I was passed by an elf on roller-skates, being towed along by another elf, who did not seem to be particularly enjoying himself!

If I thought nothing else could happen today, I was mistaken.  Happily, events went from the ridiculous to the sublime and not the other way around.  As I left to pick the Chipmunk up from school, I realised that it was snowing.  Proper snow flurries, which became harder as I made the journey into the village.  If you’re sitting there thinking ‘It’s December, of course it’s snowing’, let me clarify!  Our geographical position means we hardly ever get snow, even when the rest of the country does.  We are protected by hills on one side, and the sea on the other.  So it was a real treat today, even though the ground was too wet for it to settle.  I loved walking up to the school gates in the snow, everything just seems quieter somehow – more serene.  It was the perfect, magical end to a day that could not have been more strange – or more wonderful.

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  1. December 17, 2009 21:22

    Ooh, I wish I could have had your day instead of mine!

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