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New Challenges

December 16, 2009

Today, while doing my usual digging around in Chipmunk’s book bag, I came across a white envelope.  I don’t know why, but I always find these ominous, especially when they seem to be particularly full, as this one was!  When I opened it, I discovered his newly revised IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Instead of the usual one sheet of A4 containing maybe three targets to achieve in the next term, this one has been done in style!  It is two pages long, and highlights the targets that have been discontinued because either he has achieved them or they are no longer relevant (for example, swimming ceases after Christmas, so the swimming target cannot be monitored).  There are many new targets, and many which have been carried over from the last IEP.  A third sheet contains a copy of a chart which will be kept in the classroom.  This is to be filled in by his teacher/teaching assistant with a smiley face every time they see him achieving one of his goals.  When he achieves a goal ten times, he will receive a reward.  The IEP also highlights his work with the ‘Jump Ahead’ group (devised by Occupational and Physio Therapists for children needing extra support with motor functions) and uses this as the foundation for him to achieve some of his targets, including pencil grip/pressure and changing for P.E.  The report has been signed by his class teacher, special needs T.A., the other two assistants in the class, the SENCO and the headmaster!

The report also reiterates the committment to maintaining a weekly link book between myself and the class teacher.  I am extremely impressed with this, and I hope that the level of support he is receiving will continue in this fashion.  After feeling like I have been pushing and pushing against an immovable force for over a year, it seems that things are at last coming together for him.  Long may it continue!

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  3. Gina Watson permalink
    December 16, 2009 21:13

    delighted that things are improved long may it continue and Chipmunk get the help he needs and deserves. See if they deliver words are good actions are better.

  4. tndaisy1960 permalink
    December 16, 2009 23:10

    and you’re wanting to move *here*?! Stay where you are, dear. For once, I think you Brits have outdone us! Chipmunk is a very lucky boy indeed, to be where he is, and have a mum who will crack the whip until everything falls into place.

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