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December 14, 2009

For today’s {W}rite of Passage Writing Well challenge, I had to write a short essay about a lunch box.  Specifically, my lunch box from when I was in elementary (primary) school.  In the fifteen minutes that I was permitted to spend on this writing project, I was transported back to my childhood – I was seven again.  All of the memories – sights, smells, textures, feelings – came flooding back to me in an instant.  I was remembering things long forgotten.  Things that had been tucked away in a recess somewhere at the very back of my mind.

Obviously, I couldn’t get all of these things down in the time allotted, but I did my best, wrote as much as I could, and I’m happy with the way the essay turned out in the end.  It has been a strange couple of days, what with the nostalgic DVD yesterday, and then this project today.  Not all of my childhood memories are happy ones – particularly the ones concerning my school days.  It is so strange to look back on that time now, knowing the things that I know now, and being able to understand at least some of why I was the way I was.  I hope I managed to do myself justice with my challenge this week.

If you would like to read my essay, you can do so at The Writer’s Block.

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