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Christmas With the Aliens

December 12, 2009

As promised, here is my completely objective and impartial review of the Chipmunk’s school Christmas play.  Oh, okay, I admit it – it is a totally subjective rendition of the highlights of the aforementioned production!

On the day I went to see the play, it was the first performance where the fire alarm didn’t go off.  The first time it happened, the poor cook got the blame.  When it happened for the second time, they realised that instead of the kitchen, the problem was closer to home – the smoke machine they were using for the special effects was setting the over-sensitive smoke alarm off.  Oops!

Aside from that minor mishap, the play was fantastic.  None of the kids (aged between 5 and 7 years) forgot their lines, ended up in the wrong place, or otherwise lost the plot.  They all acted and sang their little hearts out.  And the Chipmunk – who was a page to one of the Three Kings, owing to the fact that he missed a lot of the rehearsals – did especially well.  He managed to co-ordinate holding the frankincense at the same time as holding on to the child in front and doing a dance involving lots of bobbing, wiggling and going around in circles.  Not to mention all of the sitting down/standing up/singing/sign-language that was going on!  No mean feat for him, I can tell you!

All in all the play was a roaring success.  All of the children – and their teachers – deserve to be exceptionally proud of themselves.  They produced a play which was funny, entertaining and made sure the audience (and the aliens!) knew all about the true meaning of Christmas.  Wonderful.

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  1. December 13, 2009 00:18

    Fabulous! Next time we need video 😀

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