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The Writer’s Block

December 11, 2009

No, it’s not what you may think it is!  Some of you already know that I have set up another blog.  Fear not, loyal readers, for I am not abandoning this one (I know, sorry about that!).  Instead, the blog I have set up will function as something of a ‘sister’ site to this one.  It will be a place for me to write, without losing my writing in the general clutter of life on this blog!

It will be slower moving than the Thought Bubble, because it relies on my creativity being willing to co-operate, which can be sporadic at best!  However, I will endeavour to update it regularly, and hopefully it will provide something of a kick in the pants to get me going even when I don’t feel like it!  Also, I am currently taking part in the {W}rite of Passage Writing Well challenge, which involves writing on a different given prompt every week.  You can find my first attempt – a character study – over at my new blog… The Writer’s Block.  Any further posts for the challenge will also be over there – I figured that as it’s a ‘proper’ writing challenge, that was the best place for them to be!  I would love for you to check them out, so I will let you know when a new one goes up!

I think that’s it for today – tomorrow’s post will be an objective and completely dispassionate critique of the Chipmunk’s school play – Christmas with the Aliens.  Or maybe not!

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