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FELINE FRIDAY: You’re a Kitty, Not a Sheep

December 4, 2009

When is a kitty not a kitty?  Any ideas?  Wild guesses?  No?  Okay then, I’ll tell you:  When it thinks it’s a sheep.

I have been worried about my kitty for the last few weeks, hence the longer-than-usual break between Feline Friday posts.  He hasn’t been himself.  He has been off his food, lethargic, moody (yes, you can tell when a kitty is in a bad mood!), sleeping in ever more weird-and-wonderful places and his arthritis has been playing up so he’s walking like a badly made puppet.  So, all things considered he has not been a very happy bunny…er…kitty.  In all honesty, I really thought that we were going to lose him soon.  He is 15 now, and I am very aware of the time that is passing.

This week, however, has seen a complete turnaround.  A transformation, if you like.  He is back to believing that he is a kitten again – pouncing from behind the flowers in the garden when he thinks you can’t see him, swiping at you as you walk by because he wants to play, and nomming on my toes.  And the most remarkable difference?  Instead of sleeping all the time, he has now decided that instead of behaving like a cat, he will behave like a sheep.  He follows me everywhere.  I go upstairs – he goes upstairs.  I come downstairs – so does he.  I stop halfway up the stairs to confuse him – he sits and has a wash until I give in and go one way or the other.  Then he follows me.  He sits outside the door when I go to the bathroom, and he sleeps on my chair when I am not at home (and refuses to move when I am home).  Much as I love him, and am obviously pleased he is feeling better, it would be nice if, just sometimes, he could feel better on his own!

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