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Of Flooding and Therapists

December 3, 2009

Today, I am car-less.  That is, I am without car (not careless, although some of you may think that would also be an accurate description of me sometimes.  I disagree!)  The useless, money-draining lump of metal that is my car is back in the shop for yet another problem that will end up costing me the Earth.  Upon opening the rear door after the heavy rain this week, I discovered a lake in the foot well.  Seriously.  The whole thing was flooded.  Chipmunk’s cereal-packet house that he made at school was soggy and collapsing (yes, it should have been inside and not still in the car.  That is not relevant to this post!).  The carpet was so wet through that the water was literally just sitting on the top of it with nowhere to go.  Ugh.  I closed the door, diligently ignoring the water that sloshed around disturbingly as I did so and carried on with the school run.  And then I called the garage, who told me it was probably the membrane of the door, that I should take it in and that it was going to cost me the better part of £150.  Great.  There goes any possibility of extra Christmas treats this year!

So, the car went in yesterday, and I got a call as I was about to get a lift with my Dad to collect the Chipmunk from school.  It was the membrane, they didn’t have the part and they wanted to keep the car until Friday to dry it out before they could fit the new membrane anyway!   All well and good, and at least I would have a car at the end of it that wasn’t growing stuff in the passenger foot well – did I not mention that after the water drained away I found cress growing through the carpet?  Well, I did!  Anywho, that posed a problem for the school run.  And then, I had a brilliant idea – I could borrow my Dad’s car!  He duly agreed to the plan (actually, he managed to hide his utter, blinding panic very well, I thought) and so today I took it out on my own for the first time.  And I LOVED IT!

It is bigger than anything I’ve driven before, which I have to admit did scare me a little.  Okay, a lot!  It also has a 2L engine compared to my puny little 1.4L.  But it’s awesome!  Really, without a doubt, it is the best car I ever drove.  ‘What is this miracle of automobile brilliance?’ I hear you ask.  You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.  I bet you wouldn’t.  For that wonder of modern transport that has been the source of such driving joy for me, is this:

Ford Focus (Ghia)

I want one.  Actually, not quite.  I want this:

Ford Fiesta

Excuse me while I take a second to drool…

In other news, those of you who read about my disappointing OT report yesterday will be heartened by the news that I had a chat with the senior therapist today.  She went systematically through the report with me over the phone and agreed to all of the amendments that I have requested.  I am really pleased by this and very grateful to her – I will relax when the report arrives, all correct and with not even a spelling mistake!

Tomorrow, the Chipmunk has his Physiotherapy assessment – I will let you know how that one goes!

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  1. Gina Watson permalink
    December 3, 2009 22:26

    I could say it never rains but it pours but it certainly does for you H. U didn’t say you had problems with the car it is never ending. Glad the OT was helpful and will rewrite the report lets hope they get it right this time.

    Hope tomorrow goes well.

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