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FELINE FRIDAY: Bedroom Battles (originally posted 21 August, 2009)

August 30, 2009

For the longest time, my kitty and I have been having an ongoing battle over my bedroom.  Or, more specifically, my bed.  Kitty, being of limited intelligence and in possession of a stubborn streak a mile wide, sneaks in at every available opportunity.  I, being equally stubborn (but not of limited intelligence!) always remember to close the bedroom door.

Did I say always?

I meant nearly always.

Ok, well, sometimes then!

A regular scenario which plays out approximately every week or so:


KITTY:  What do you mean, your bed?

ME:  I mean it’s my bed.  Where I sleep.  Preferably minus the cat hair.

KITTY:  Actually, I think you’ll find that I was here first

ME:  I don’t care, it’s my bed – I want to go to sleep.

KITTY:  Goodnight.


And so it goes on.

Even if I’m standing at the bedroom door, he waits until he thinks I’m not looking and sneaks around me.  Even if I’m sitting on the end of the bed (the place he thinks belongs to him) he’ll just jump up at the pillow end and walk back down again.  Sometimes, if I’m really tired, I give up and let him stay there.  Is he grateful for this?  Well, if I encroach too far on his space, he bites my toes.  It’s a losing battle!

Where is my kitty now?  He’s upstairs, curled up outside my bedroom, waiting for someone to enter and forget to close the door behind them!


NOTE:  I decided to include Feline Friday in the ‘Posts’ section of my blog, rather than in the ‘Pages’ section.  As it is not possible to do this by converting the page into a post, I had to re-publish it.  Unfortunately, doing so meant that I would lose the comments that were originally attached to this post.  Therefore I have copied/pasted them in here, with apologies to those concerned!  I promise to do better next time, friends.

“I gave up that battle years ago 🙂 Between yowling all night and literally pulling the carpet from the backing, it was just easier to get used to sharing my bed with my cats and their fur!” – David O’Donnell

I loved the fact that Slim would sleep with me. When he passed, and we got Simon, I realized that sharing my bed would now be a rarity. If he *does* deign to sleep on my bed, I *must* leave the TV off, per His Feline Majesty’s order! Thank goodness Lexxy (my Dalmatian) isn’t fussy; she sleeps on the floor beside me *every* night, TV or no.” – tndaisy1960

“They can be such space hogs though! I have no idea how a 6lb cat can stretch herself to take up half a queen sized bed. They defy physics, but at least they don’t defy gravity. I still pick them up and deposit them at the foot and remind them that the big cat (me) get the space she wants, the little ones take what’s left.” – Tatteredpage

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